Heart’s Desire White Work Etui

Heart’s Desire White Work Etui – Digital Download


We all love beautiful things, and this hand-held etui is just perfect for showcasing your precious sewing implements. The linen outer is hand embroidered with a simple bow design outlined in Trailing stitch and bordered in backstitch. Attached to the bow are two dangling hearts, each showcasing a different surface darning technique. The hearts are outlined in Trailing, a staple in the White Work genre. Surface darning techniques include stitches that are worked over a series of counted threads or pulled threads. In this case, we will be focusing on different shades of white while creating an intricate pattern of texture and design. The inside of the etui holds a place for your scissors, a stiletto, a seam ripper, and needles. Lined in silk dupioni, this little etui is a beautiful addition to your sewing collectibles. Detailed instructions for assembling the etui are included in the handout as well.

Wendy Poché Schoen is an internationally known embroidery and pattern designer, educator, and author whose designs are regularly featured in Sew Beautiful Magazine. Through her company, Wendy Schoen Design, Wendy has published five books on the subject of fine embroidery and sewing. She has published over 30 patterns marketed under the name, Petite Poche, of which she is the owner and countless embroidery designs and kits.


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