Lacy White Work Baby Bib – Digital Download


White work embroidery is challenging and fun, and during this daylong lesson, you will relish the chance to make this adorable apron-style baby bib. Popular in the 1940’s, this bib is reserved for baby’s best outfits, providing protection from accidental spills. White work consists of many different embroidery stitches, all worked with white thread on white fabric. Beginning with padded satin stitch, students learn to stitch the perfect foundation, enabling you to greatly improve your ability to stitch gorgeous satin stitch. Two different flowers are featured. Some of the flower centers are stitched as eyelets with the petals made up with padded satin stitch. The other flowers have eyelet centers, but the petals are stitched as shaded eyelets. You will learn the proper method of opening the fabric fibers, and how to position the stitches evenly and accurately. A large portion of the lesson will be dedicated to trailing stitch, the quintessential White work cornerstone. The linen bib is edged in gorgeous hand stitched buttonhole scalloping, and lovely French lace edging. A blue silk satin ribbon is threaded through hand-made buttonholes, forming a sash around the waistline of the bib. This bib can be embroidered with a monogram, if you choose, making it the perfect gift or presentation for your precious baby.