Covid-19 Stitching Part B

Thanks for the interest in my previous post. I have more to share with you.

Have you noticed there is nothing from Wendy’s Sewing Studio throughout the post? That’s because I’m working on an enormous project that I cannot tell you about. I allotted a full year to work this special project and so you’ll have to wait. Meanwhile, I’m still doing little jobs and will post them as I finish. Stay tuned, and enjoy the slide show.

Barky Graziano completed this SAGA program project, which was taught by Margie Fiasconaro.
Here is Jane Briscoe’s completed this SAGA program project, which was taught by Margie Fiasconaro.
Cindy Gebbia made this cute CC “Nora” with a collar and full skirt from the Sew Along.
Cindy Gebbia also made this cute set from CC “Nora” Peplum Top and CC “Parker’s Pants” with ruffle.
The matching boy short from CC “Parker’s Pants” by Cindy Gebbia.
Suzette Wink crocheted this “Sweetheart Blanket” by Patchwork Heart.
Debbi Harris made this precious felt fox, “Charlotte Fox” from a kit by Cynthia Treen of Threadfollower on Etsy.
Here is Charlotte Fox wearing cloak from a pattern by Cynthia Treen of Threadfollower on Etsy.
Barky Graziano has been keeping busy with paper piecing. This is large rosette 2 of her Millifiori quilt project.
Another large rosette minus two additional rows by Barky.
Millefiori rosettes by Barky.
Millifiori by Barky Graziano.
Millifiori by Barky.
Barky is putting the binding strips on her Pemberly quilt. Its so pretty!
Barky Graziano is also working on this log cabin quilt by machine. Don’t know where she finds the time, and all this is only 6 weeks of work.
Well, now I know how Barky gets so much done!
Jeanne Buffatt has been diligently working her BOM of Liberty Fabric and is almost finished. A whole group of ladies are also participating in this project.

Covid 19 Stitching Part A

Hi Folks,
It’s been some time since posting, but have no fear, I am still here.

Many of you know that I host “Stitch Therapy Tuesday” every week at my studio where A group of sewing friends come to my studio for a few hours of stitching, conversation and of course, food. Yes, that’s right: we eat lunch together too.

Everyone brings her own projects to work on, which is quite interesting and informative, and we love seeing what each other is doing during the week. We bounce ideas off each other and sometimes we plan a project for a guinea pig class. We support each other in good times and not so good times, and provide “therapy” as needed. We are all members of the GNO SAGA chapter guild and have been friends for over 25 years.

Our group of about 20 participants, communicate via GroupMe app during the week while we sew. We are a driven group whose projects are quite varied. We each bring something different to the table. I would like to share with you just a few of the projects we have been working on since the quarantine. What talent!

Easter Sewing

Jane Briscoe made this lovely smocked dress for her granddaughter, Caroline using the Children’s Corner “April” bodice and her rendition of a design developed by Ann Strickler. .
Combing the endless pleats.
Leslye Usner created this precious sun dress for Jane’s granddaughter, Josephine, using Old Fashioned Baby’s” French Acadian Sundress”.
Another view of Caroline’s sweet dress by Jane Briscoe.
Leslye Usner also made this beautiful smocked dress using CC “April” bodice and her rendition of a design developed by Ann Strickler.
Cute knit dresses are CC “Nora” with an added collar, made by Diane Palmisano.
Diane Palmisano made these twirly skirts for her granddaughters without using a pattern with strips of fabric in her stash. Each row was cut longer and wider than the previous row to create fullness.
Jeanne Buffat completed this precious smocked dress and matching sweater designed by Gail Doane.
Jeanne also made this precious blue neoprene dress from a pattern download.
Jeanne Buffat completed the adorable project from Peggy Burley’s class, which we attended in Baton Rouge a few weeks ago.
Here is Barky Graziano’s Peggy Burley class project! Very sweet design.

A closeup of the project made by Barky Graziano, featuring thread replacement and cast-on flowers.
This beautiful first Communion dress was lovingly made by Diane Palmisano for her granddaughter.
These two holy communion dresses were made by Diane Palmisano using “Rose” pattern by Sue Stewart Designs. The fagotted insert was adapted to the pattern and worked by hand. Beautiful!
Cindy Gebbia made this adorable boy’s shirt for her grandson, who is a twin.
Cindy Gebbia made this precious shift dress for her granddaughter, who is a twin.

Keep in mind that this is only the photos they have shared with me, and does not include every project they are working on.
Stay tuned for Part B in a separate post.


A Chatelaine for Andrea

Hi Folks,
It’s been way too long since I last posted on my blog. Truthfully, I just haven’t felt up to sharing with you, mostly due to my father’s illness and death. Okay, that’s been 4 years ago, but I swear, it takes a long time to get over some things, and this one threw me for a loop! I can honestly say that this past year has been the happiest and most wonderful ever. Of course there were some setbacks but at least I’m not in that deep hole as I was before. Enough of that! Here’s the great news: I’m Back!

I was so fortunate to be able to teach for SAGA this past September. With shaky feet and a slow start, I managed to have good results and I had a wonderful experience. Seeing everyone again (after 8 years) was terrific! I’m so thankful for being asked and even happier to have done it.

The by-product was the extra 6 days I spent taking classes. It was wonderful!! I opted to take both Susan O’Conner classes the entire week! I kept thinking to myself, please God, if I’m dreaming, please don’t wake me. The Versailles Chatelaine and the Cornflower Scissors Ball. I struggled with the later, but decided to focus on the first class, The Versailles Chatelaine. I made the decision to make it for my dear daughter-in-law, Andrea Schoen, who has been working on her own embroideries. I did change the mostly blue to mostly pink colorway. My girl is a pinky and I knew she would want it that color. Just watching her face when she opened it will stay with me for the rest of my life. Now I want to share it with you. Happy New Year and Enjoy!