Continuing a Legacy

The Dubret Family Christening Gown Slip

Out of the blue one day, a lady phoned on the advice of someone who recommended a hand embroider. She was looking for someone to add a few names on a Circa 1920s christening gown slip. At the time, my father was quite ill so I told her I would be glad to do it on condition she wasn’t in a big hurry. I never dreamed it would take almost a full year to complete. Well, not exactly.

My client, Lisa arrived at my home the very next day and when she removed the slip from its plastic bag, I was astonished. I have embroidered many, many christening gown slips with birth names and dates but I’ve never before seen one with so many names. This slip was incredible!Continue reading

1850’s Ayrshire Christening Gown Gets New Life

Recently, my adult niece asked me to fix a rip in her husband’s family christening gown in preparation for the christening of her daughter, Norah. Norah was adopted so it was necessary to wait until paperwork was finalized before her baptismal and as a result, was almost a year old and had grown larger than the gown could accommodate. I asked to evaluate the gown before proceeding.Continue reading

And I’m back!

Hi everyone,

I’m sure some of you have been wondering were I have been lately. Well, I have taken some time off to take care of my elderly parents and I am currently recovering from a double knee replacement surgery that I had in February. I wanted to let everyone know that I intend to be back at work full time within the next month. I am getting my new website up and running and I have new designs in the works! I will keep everyone posted on this blog, my Facebook page and through my Instagram account, @wendyschoen. Thank you for all for understanding.

Pictured are my sissies! (From left to right: Penny, yours truly, Terry and Kathy)

Happy Sewing,




The Perfect Valentine Gift!

It’s time to register for La Broderie Bayou, a needlework retreat to be held June 5-8, 2013 in Wendy’s Sewing Studio, New Orleans. Registration opened yesterday for my 7th school of embroidery and already, we have spaces filling. If you did not receive an email from us yesterday, that means you are not on our mailing list. If you wish to be included for future mailings advertising our classes, please send us an email ( so you can be added to our list.

Continue reading